April 12, 2012

Expanding My Wardrobe

Lately, I tried out a couple of new ideas for me.  Specifically, I started wearing skirts and scarves.  It occured to me that skirts were not just for when I went to church on Sunday.  Suddenly, I had so many more options of what to wear.  I took that same idea and bought a sundress at Target.  I'm so excited to try out my new ideas this summer!

I now own four scarves.  I didn't used to like wearing them before because I didn't want to have to keep track of one once I went inside and took my coat off.  However, I would look at people around me and I realized that I could wear a scarf as part of my regular outfit and then I wouldn't have to carry it around.  So, I went out and got some.  I found this awesome video full of creative ways to tie a scarf:

Its very validating when you try out something new and it works and you effortlessly assimilate it into your life :)

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