March 13, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

My chemistry teacher my freshman and sophomore year in high school drank her coffee from a beaker and used giant syringes as water guns in class.  How much cooler can you get?

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  1. The famous and infamous, Anita Stafford. I think she is partly the reason you feel in love with Chemistry. I think you would love to be a teacher like her some day - punching holes in a boy's binder, stapling clothes to the floor, creating romantic identity relationships between the gender based periodic elements.

    you should look at Sharon's blog, Cliff Notes. she always has a photo at the top of her blog and I think it is a great enhancement. I want you to try it.

    Andrew just watched both National Treasure movies this weekend - he loved them. Now he's into the soccer scenes from She's the Man because he is, of course, a competitive soccer team member too. Fruit pizza tonight - we will think of you fondly as we munch and munch and munch!